Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cheers! Toasting to my first post!

This is really exciting! My life is a bit busy at times and I always tell myself that I'm going to work on those scrapbooks or write something down that I want to remember and it never happens. I'm really hoping that by doing this periodically I will have those memories recorded.

Not too much going on here today, this is a really good thing in my eyes! I'm sitting at work counting down the time to when I can leave and get on to more important things! I've got to run by and pick up a gift certificate for our children's minister and next door neighbor. There's a surprise birthday party (#40) for him at church tonight that we are going to. Plus Aidan's tutor is coming tonight for an hour. We've only had one session with her so far but I really like her. We are all hoping that these visits will help him get on grade level with his reading and boost his confidence.

Well, this is the first little note of my days with many more to hopefully follow. Here's to wishing that all is well with you and that you are toasting to your life also!