Friday, February 25, 2011


It's official - Paxton has colic. I've thought this for over a week and now I'm sure. After doing my research they say that colic happens in 1 out of 4 babies and I guess I pulled the lucky card by having 2 out of 3 children with it. The plus side to this is that I've survived worse with Tristan. Luckily, Pax's happens anytime between 6-8 p.m. and the longest that he's cried is about an hour and a half. Josh is amazing with him though and can normally get him through it and off to dreamland in about 30-45 minutes. I have to say that there are some benefits to being older parents - you are more patient and wiser with some things. We didn't handle Tristan's colic as well.

Now that Pax is a month old - I think I'm more tired now then I was right after his birth. Could it be that you are living on adrenaline at first or does the routine with a baby added to your pre-existing family start to wear you down?

I had such grand plans to get a lot done during my time off and thought I would be Suzy Homemaker with breakfasts made every day along with dinner at night. Cleaning the house, shopping, and getting little projects done. It hasn't happened!!! I've succeeded with 2 dinners I think and 1 breakfast. The house has been vacuumed but that was it - so I caved, the housecleaner comes Tuesday. Ugghh.

I did get Pax's announcements ordered though and those have gone out in the mail. I can't believe it took me a month for this! I had a surprise email from the photographer that took our pictures and she has ordered some complimentary 8x10's for me to put up in my office at the hospital. What a surprise! It's to strum up some business for her from our patients but I'll take the freebies!

And to weird you all out - Pax still has his umbilical cord! It's been over 4 weeks and that darn thing hasn't fallen off. We are doing the alcohol and he hasn't had a real bath yet, just washcloths. If it hangs on until 6 weeks then we have to go to the doctor. Is this proof that he really wasn't ready to be born?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Paxton's Photos

He was only 8 days old and even though it was difficult, I'm so happy we did it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pax is 3 weeks old!

Oh my gosh, how time flies! If I was only taking my normal 6 weeks off, I would be half way done right now. We have been spending a lot of time getting to know each other and Pax is amazing. Here are the big things right now:

He absolutely hates the cold. Going outside into it, taking his clothes off, and diaper changes are rough. He should love summer time in Texas huh? He's a snuggle bug because of this. He likes to nestle his face into your neck and when sleeping he likes to be face to face with me. I think he likes to feel my breath.

He is also a very loud baby. He makes tons of noises in his sleep from humming to moaning. He's pretty noisy when he eats and even just sitting around he coos and talks to me already.

He is a pretty good baby for me during the day time but definitely prefers his daddy in the evenings. He likes for Josh to put him to sleep at night and luckily it's pretty easy for Josh to do.

Here's his Popeye face as we call it. It's the closest that we come to a smile during his awake times. He does smile in his sleep but I'm not counting those yet!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pax's 2 week check-up

Wow, we had a great appt today! I'm happy to say that Pax is perfectly healthy and loves to eat. He is now 10 lbs!!! He's also grown an inch too! Even though he's a big boy he's perfectly proportionate between his weight, length, and head measurements. Our pediatrician says that he's gaining an ounce a day right now and that would work out to be 2 lbs a month. This could continue until he's 5-6 months old. I was a little worried but he reassured me that you can not create a fat child from breastmilk. It's the other foods that are introduced in later that matter so just keep up the good work. Guess we will have a little Michelin baby soon.

His cord still hasn't fallen off yet which is a bummer because I can't wait to see how he likes a bath. We are both tired of the spongebaths!

Oh, and his pictures from that horrible photo session last week are so cute! I spent a fortune buying them but I'd rather have all of the shots instead of not choosing one due to money. We should get the pictures in a couple of weeks and then I'll have his announcements made. She asked me about putting some on her website again so I'll keep an eye out for that and share them early if she does.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 weeks old

Time is really flying!
Josh went back to work today so I'm officially on my own, oh no! I'm nervous and not sure why! You would think that I've never done this before by the way that I feel. Things will be fine I'm sure.
We have to venture out today to the photographer to view our pics from last week's session. Wish me luck and strength - he's heavy and that car seat is a bear to carry.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Aidan's 11!

Aidan's birthday was last Thursday and he had a wonderful day! Let's make that a wonderful three days in a row. Here's what happened! He came home from school to his special request, an ice cream cake! (Please note the huge flames that Josh likes to create with the candles.) He opened his gifts and had a wonderful night.
Friday he didn't have school due to parent/teacher conferences so he got the day home alone without his big brother, that's always a special treat! Then that evening his friends came over to head up with him to Denver to go to an indoor racetrack! Here they are after their safety lesson, getting their helmets.

Ready to drive!!!!

Each race was 9 laps and at the end they got a printout with their stats! Here's the winner's podium but everyone got to get up and take a spot! The boys had a great time, their parents told me that they couldn't stop talking about it!
I have to say a huge Thank You to Josh for taking care of the party. He drove up there with 6 boys and chaperoned the entire evening while Pax and I hung out at home. He's a wonderful dad and helped to make Aidan's party a hit!

Saturday was Aidan's school district basketball tournament. He got a bye in the first round due to only losing one game in the season but had to win the second round game in order to advance to the next round and so on. His team won their second round game and their third round game to make it to the final! They also won the final!!!!! D49's 5th grade boys basketball champs!

Here's the team with the tournament bracking that was on the wall. (Aidan is the second from the right.) See how Aidan's no longer the smallest boy on the team? He might be tied for being the shortest but there are others now!

Here was Josh's and Pax's pick for the Superbowl! They were right!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Maternity Shots (Finally!)

I was so excited to see these today! It seems like forever since I took them and I'm very happy with how they turned out.
This one is the one that she has added to her website so you have probably seen it already. We used the 4D Ultrasound picture of Paxton from 26 weeks.
This one I saw on her website and wanted to duplicate it. The fun thing is that Josh is the one in the background swishing the fabric out behind me! Today during Paxton's session I put the gold wrap back on and held him in front in place of my belly. Hope it turned out well but I won't know until next week.

Josh is such a great picture taker! I loved this shot the first moment I saw it! It reminds me of how happy we were at that time!

Ok, and now to the "risque" picture.... I wanted a picture to remember what wonderful things our bodies are capable of and I got it. Pregnancy is beautiful and truly a gift from God. We tried so hard for this baby and had to go through so much to get him that I never want to forget that struggle. It helps you appreciate life even when times get rough.

Pax's photo session was today and I wish that it would have been easier. She told me that the sooner we got him in the easier it was to get "cute" shots where she can pose him while he's sleeping. Unfortunately, our little boy doesn't like being undressed and cold. He also is a bigger baby so it's not easy to fold him up and roll him into a ball. He's strong and is a fighter! After two and a half hours, yes - I said two and a half hours, we called it. The photographer could have kept going but Josh and I couldn't stand to hear him cry anymore. It took us another two hours at home to get him settled and asleep from his trauma as Josh calls it. I get to go next Wednesday to view the pictures and I pray we have one or two that were worth all of the trouble. Don't worry - I don't think we'll ever do that again!

Paxton pics

This picture cracks me up because he looks like he's about to fly off like Superman! Matches his shirt!!!
Close up!

Snoozing in his boppy! He has slept in his basinet in the boppy like this for the past two nights. I think he really likes it! He wakes every 3 hours for a feeding and that's it. So far at least!

We are going to have Pax's pictures taken today by the same photographer who did my maternity shots. It'll be a while before we get the actual prints but I'm excited to get him in there and see what we can do.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last picture post from the delivery.

Last picture of me pregnant!

Josh and I played Scrabble until about 12:30 p.m.

What a beautiful day to have a baby! This was our view from the hospital room.

After breaking my water and epidural. Tad bit uncomfortable and I couldn't even turn over to see my picture of Pax.

The big boy at 8.13!

Tears of joy! I couldn't keep it together, I was so happy and had just done one of the hardest things ever in my life!

Us with our wonderful doctor. He is a gem!

Proud Daddy!

My wonderful nurse Kathy. I could not have done it without her! We were so lucky to have her all to ourselves during the induction. I had requested her once I knew my induction date and was lucky to get her one on one all day long!!!
Well, that it's for the recap! Sorry it's taken me a week to get it all done but we've been recovering from a cold and adjusting to this new blessing in our lives. Thank you God!