Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I've got a bump!

18 weeks and finally showing!

My body is definitely changing.

This weekend I'll go out and do some maternity shopping! I can still wear some of my regular clothes and not look pregnant but once I get to 20 weeks I want to be more comfortable and let it all hang out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aug 20-22 tournament

Just a brief recap of last weekend as it seems that this is all I ever post about anymore! We played at the Air Force Academy here in town which is a beautiful area to be in. You are at the base of a mountain and we had perfect weather!
Aidan's team won 2 games and lost one. They didn't advance to the championship due to the loss but Aidan did get a chance to play goalie during a game and here's a cute picture.
Tristan's team won all of their games and they won the championship so here's their winning photo!

Tristan was promoted to team captain at the end of this tournament. He was so happy and we are all so proud of him! Hard work really pays off!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We've got movement!

I can finally feel the baby move! I think I've noticed it before but I'm always on the run and never have that quiet time to know for sure. It's different than I remember from before though - not really a flutter, more of a stomach flip? It's awesome anyway and I'm going to try to find some peaceful time during the days so that I can cherish this even more than I already do.

Friday, August 20, 2010

16 week doctor appt!

Weight gained so far this pregnancy - 3 lbs!!!! WooooooHooooo! Now that my appetite is back this is no longer an easy feat.

Heartbeat - 150

Results from last appt testing - Triple screen was all normal.

This appt had more bloodwork of course, the AFP. It's a repeat of the 12 week testing to just make sure the levels are still normal and also to check and make sure the placenta is working properly.

Next appt - September 15th! This is the big ultrasound and we'll hopefully find out what we are expecting! Just my luck that ultrasound is booked solid and this is the first opening they had. Will I make it or cave and try to get the 4-D ultrasound downtown? If Josh would say yes, I'd schedule it today, ha!

Friday, August 13, 2010

16 week pics (actually 15 weeks 6 days but close enough)

Full length picture. I'm still wearing all of my regular clothes, they are just a bit snug now. I've probably gained a few pounds but I'll know exactly how many next week.

Front view. I don't notice much but maybe people are thinking I've put on a little weight?
Another side view!

Belly shot! It's weird - I normally carry a little basketball but this time it feels like an egg shape. Probably because it's still so early. Waiting for my tummy to firm up a bit though - I'm tired of being pudgy, ha!

Something else funny - I could have sworn that my doctor's appt was today. Made sure to shave my legs this morning and everything! Got to work and looked at the calendar to discover it's actually next Friday. Oh my goodness. Guess I was really excited or something, ha!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tournament details.

Another long, hot weekend in Denver!!! Whew! This was Aidan's team's first time playing together on the big field and it was interesting! They lost their first game 0-3 but went on to win both of their second and third games which advanced them to the Championship! Here's Aidan at kickoff -

We lost our championship 4-2 but they still got medals and a cool trophy for 2nd place. Not too bad for the first weekend playing together!
This is BC. He's Tristan's and Aidan's coach. He was a national champion in high school and went to college with a soccer scholarship. Yep, he's not much bigger than the boys, ha! I think he's 5'2.

Tristan's team continued their winning streak. They won both games Saturday and surprisingly tied the Sunday morning game. Still advanced to the championship and they won 2-1!!!! Tristan had one of the best games of his life!

Trophy time!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vail Recap and other life updates!

Last Thursday we took off for Vail, CO for the boy's Regional 3v3 Soccer Tournament. It was a 3 hour drive but beautiful and well worth it!
Here's a lake beside I-70, 30 minutes from Vail. There's also creeks and rivers that flow through the towns. (Lots of river rafting!)

When you are up at 10,500 feet it's almost as if you can reach up and touch the clouds.

We rented a house along with the rest of Tristan's soccer team. Here's the whole group. One thing I learned from this weekend - staying with other families is a lot of work. It wasn't the restful, relaxing time that I expected. We cooked every meal at the house to save on money and with 5 families that is a lot of clean-up! Plus you don't want to seem lazy so you're always trying to be helpful to others and it's exhausting!

Vail Village. A nice stroll with lots of little shops and hotels.

Tristan's team finished with second place. You can tell by the look on his face that he wasn't happy with the outcome. They were winning the championship game 2-0 at halftime but we had a rain delay for an hour which hurt us. Aidan's team got 5th.
Other news - Tristan has his first girlfriend. Her name is Sammy and she plays on the girl's soccer team that is equivalent to his. She lives a block away from us and they've spent a lot of time at the park together. We've had many mother/son talks about boyfriends/girlfriends and he took his time asking her if she'd like to be his girlfriend. Her reply came a day later and she said, "yes, yes, yes, yes." (Literally!) She attends a private school so they only see each other after school in between soccer practices so we'll see how long it lasts. But for now, I'm happy for him!
Tristan's having a rough time with middle school though. I guess with 1200 students they form groups in which you all have the same classes together. Unfortunately, all of his friends are in another group so T's having to make new friends. I know it'll get easier as time goes along and in the end this will be a good thing to branch out and make other friends but for now it stinks. He about broke my heart this morning on the way to school.
On the baby front - I had my first coworker ask me if I was expecting. I was wearing a denim jumper and didn't think that I was showing at all yet but I guess I am. I'll have to get a picture posted soon. All else is well. Still have a heartbeat at 154-156. Would love to have my energy back to normal but that should come soon.
That's it for now! We're in Denver all weekend for soccer so I'll update again next week!