Thursday, August 25, 2011

7 months old today!!!

I can't believe it!!!! Here's the happy little guy with my friend Karol.

Enjoying his new bathtub! The duck actually quacks too!

One of his most recent milestones, holding his own bottle! We have started mixing in some formula as I'm struggling to keep up with his needs while at daycare. He gets 3 day time bottles with half breastmilk and half formula and that's working really well now.

Other milestones are - saying da-da-da-da and ba-ba-ba-ba, eating second stage foods, hating to have his face or nose wiped off, rolling over front to back and back to front (not that he'll do this in front of me though but I find him in bed in the mornings opposite of how I put him), got his first runny nose/cold this week which stunk but he's a trooper so it hasn't been that bad, and he loves to play peek-a-boo among other games.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gone too soon.

Unfortunately, Tristan has lost a friend and soccer teammate. I never thought we'd be dealing with this at the age of 12. Here's a post from his parents this morning:

Luca Update from Petra & Henry -

Our sweet and kind boy Luca was fighting for 5 days and this battle he just can not win. This afternoon, he will be taken off life support and can fall asleep forever peacefully.

Knowing his helpful character and kindness, we decided he would be proud to be a life saver for other children in need. He is donating his lungs, kidneys, liver and pancreas tonight and there are already children waiting for his gift of life !!

We are so proud of him and cherish every minute of the 12 1/2 years with us. He touched people's lives with his upbeat and funl oving ways and his fingerprints are everywhere. Now he will live on forever by helping others survive.

Thanks for all your help, prayers and support during this horrible time. He knows he has a ton of friends who love him and everyone gave him the strength he needed to live until today !!

Please take good care of all your children and loved ones. Watch closely what they look at on the internet and things they talk about with friends. We feel we did not know enough and this lack of knowledge made us pay a high price !!

Love and hugs from the our family to all of you !!!

(Luca, Tristan, Jack, and Aidan at Cotillion earlier this year.)

They are suspecting that Luca lost his life from the "choking game". He was alone though so unfortunately we'll never know what happened.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


The boys worked so hard all summer playing soccer that they both qualified to go to the Regional 3v3 soccer tournament in Vail, July 29-31.

Pax's first vacation! (yes, Tristan's mouth is blue from a snowcone!)

Gore Creek was a 2 minute walk from our condo. It was beautiful!

Pax stopped and smelled all of the flowers.

It's so beautiful during the summer; I can't even imagine what it's like during ski season.

Another pretty flower!

Aidan's team. We all stayed in the condo together and had a wonderful weekend. It was so much more than just soccer. A weekend to get away from the normal hustle and bustle. I could use more of these for sure. Tristan and Aidan both got 3rd in regionals by the way.

I've been talking with Sissy and we might plan a family trip here for anyone that's interested! More details to come.

A new room

We decided to keep all of the boys upstairs with us for the time being. The basement bedroom is where we thought Tristan would move to but it's a little too far away for our liking right now. Tristan will keep his room upstairs and Aidan is going to share with Pax. We needed to make room so decided to get rid of the oak bunkbeds. I hated to do it, but they took up most of the space in the room. Here's Pax's new crib. It's convertible and will change to a toddler bed, day bed, then a full size bed. Aidan's medals from soccer used to hang from his bed frame. Luckily I found this shelf online and we'll hang it on the wall. (This is the picture from the website, not Aidan's.)

Here's the dresser that I had to order because nothing is ever in stock when I want it!!!! It should be here in 2 more weeks. I can't wait because having an unfinished room is irritating.

Aidan on his new bed. It's a cherry wood day bed with a trundle bed for company. Not sure how much company he'll have in there with the baby though!

I'll post a completed picture once it's all put together!

6 month dr appt

15.15 lbs (23%)

26 1/4 inches (50%)

He didn't quite double his birth weight but she was happy with it anyway. He does have a bit of eczema on his neck, chest, and elbows. She said it would probably get worse before it got better and gave me pointers on managing it.

He does have a toe issue and once he starts walking she might have to refer us to an orthopedist. His third toe on each foot has a ligament that is too tight causing it to pull down. It makes his second toe (next to the big one) look like it's sticking up above all the others. It could be painful and might need surgery but for right now we are just stretching it and doing our "toe therapy!" (look at his toes in the pictures below and you'll see the troubles)

Pax's 6 month photos

What a complete angel he was during this photo session! He posed for every picture like a pro!

It's been a while.

Lots of things going on and I have not had the personal time that I would have liked lately. I'm hoping to get the blog caught up this weekend. It took me a minute to remember my password to get into it, ha. Here goes....