Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Brown's!

School pics that I'm finally sharing!
(We are back to school today! WoooooHooooo!!)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Out of sorts

I feel like I can't catch up or get on top of things and this is so unlike me! Josh is in Alaska. (Yes, Alaska. Crazy huh?) Things have been weird here since the boys went back to school from their Fall Break. Their 1st day back to school was marked by a 2 hour delay due to weather. I honestly can't even remember what the deal was with the weather that day to elaborate on, ugh.

Homework to get back into the routine of, soccer practices, basketball practices that we didn't make it to because we really needed to get some orthodontic work done for Tristan, and so on.

Today we woke up to a 2 hour delay that turned into a closure so no school. The storm didn't really hit our area until noon so I made it to work at 10 and stayed for a few hours. Then it was off to cram in all of the errands I needed to get done in case we were snowed in another day. Now we're at home which is messy and gets on my nerves but I don't have the motivation to do anything about it. You know the feeling right?

Plus the boys are stir crazy. They NEED physical activity to burn off their energy and it didn't happen today. Now they are wrestling and fighting all over the place! I am so thankful we have a basement that I can ban them to because that's what's about to happen. NBA started today and the couch is calling my name.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tristan is 11!

I can't believe it, really I can't. I have an eleven year old child. Wow!

Here's a recap of his birthday party from Saturday:
After pizza we sat down to open presents. There were a lot of cards and he took the time to read every single one aloud. (To an attentive audience.)
Here was the big surprise of the night! He had emailed his Nana that he wanted this remote control dinosaur and she got it for him. The look on his face was priceless!
Look at the high fives in the back! It was a hit amongst them all!
Treasure hunt time! They split into two teams and had to go from clue to clue to find the treasure at the end. It was fun but next time I will create two different set of clues. The second team pretty much just followed the first team along. The clues were cool though, riddles that they had to figure out the location in the house.
Cake time!
Happy Birthday to Tree! Their swords were held high!
Okay, I'm off to get a little more rest. I haven't fully recovered from the sleepover yet!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Palm reading

I never knew that going to get a manicure would mean that they throw in a palm reading also! Here's what happened:

I had an appt to get my hair cut in the mall last week and decided that I had some extra time so I walked down to the nail salon for a mani/pedi. When the lady (she was vietnamese) was doing the massage for the manicure she had my palm facing her and stopped in the middle of the rub to stare at it. She not only was staring at it intensely but then rubbed the center of my palm to look at it even harder. She looks at me but it's not a happy look. All I can say is that it seemed concerned, sad, and worried. I told myself it wasn't anything and just to let it go.

I'm watching the tv they have there on the wall and on to the next hand we go. You will not believe it but it all happens again with the next palm! Followed up with her asking, "You okay? Everything okay?"

I didn't ask her what she saw because I didn't want to know. All I know is that she saw something and it wasn't really good. She had such a sad, concerned look on her face the rest of the time I was there. Weird huh?

The boys and my friends find this story hilarious! That same night I spilled a bowl of ranch dip into my lap at a restaurant and Aidan said, "Maybe that's what she saw on your hands mom." Followed by extreme laughter.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Whew, what a weekend

of nothing!!!! We had an ice storm that hit our area early Saturday morning so we spent most of the weekend at home. Soccer was cancelled which was a bummer because it was going to be the first Saturday that I could have watched both of the boys play. Oh well, it was a mess out. 60 car pile-up on the interstate, lots of other wrecks around town, and a crazy fog that came in sometime while I was in the grocery store!

We did get out Saturday night to watch some basketball games at a local high school but that was it. Tristan had already slipped and hit his elbow in the grocery store parking lot so we were extra careful at the high school but it was straight ice. You should have seen Opal slipping and sliding down our driveway at home, hilarious!!

Here's a cool picture of Tristan that was forwarded to me after last weekend. He was taking a corner kick, you can tell he puts his all into it!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All my BOYS lost on Sunday!

We made it to the Cowboys game on Sunday because both Tristan and Aidan's teams lost and didn't advance to the playoffs in their tournaments. Here's a picture of Tristan during our walk towards the stadium:
Yep, we wore our jerseys and were heckled on the way into the game (they must not have cared that we had children with us). It was a little uncomfortable but there were alot of Dallas fans there!

Our seats were in the upper level (only about 6 rows from the very top) because that's what was available that I could afford. Here's the field view. It wasn't too bad, I could see everything but couldn't read their names or numbers on the back of their jersey. Josh and Tristan could because they have perfect eyesight!!

This kind of shows how high up it was. I felt sorry for the elderly people trying to make it up those stairs. It was a work out and once you got seated you felt like you might take a skydive. Not kidding.

A picture before the stadium filled up. The attendance was 75,000 something. Only 800 people didn't show up for the game.
The overall experience was fun, I'm really glad that I've done it now. Don't know that I'll ever go to another Bronco game because they aren't my team; I'll happily wait until we can go to a Cowboy home game. The Bronco fans aren't nice and it was uncomfortable at times. I'm not one to rub it into your face if you're losing and I felt like some of the fans did that. Out of the four of us, Tristan and I had the most fun. Aidan got bored and Josh was tired of the man next to him burping hot dog into his face and the three men behind Tristan cursing every Dallas Cowboy player possible.
I've compared my experience with others this week and all I can say is that it's too bad the Bronco fans don't have a better reputation. Seems like this is the way it always is.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cowboys vs. Broncos

We've never been to an NFL game before but hope to this weekend!!! The Cowboys are coming to town and I got tickets!!!!! Sitting up at the top of the stadium but I don't care - we hope to be there.

Notice I'm hoping??? That's because the boys are each playing in a tournament this weekend and if either one of their teams make it to the finals, that game is scheduled at the same time as the football game. Oh well, if anything - we can make it to the football game at halftime! (Let's just hope I don't get beat up wearing my Cowboys stuff into Invesco Field.)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Definition: Excessive inward or downward curvature of the spine, especially in a horse.

No, I don't look like this horse!!!! But after seeing the chiropractor yesterday (who by the way is an extremely nice lady) this is what I've been diagnosed with. In her opinion, it explains my lower back pain and migraines! Too bad it doesn't help me get that bubble butt I wished I had.

The appointment started out with a little chat about my medical history and reasons for visiting. Then I had xrays taken and laid down on a massaging bed to stretch out. We reviewed the xrays which were extremely enlightening! Then I finished with the adjustment which didn't take long and wasn't painful. There were a lot of noises (pop, snap, crack) but I thought it was cool! She's going to come up with a treatment plan for me and I see her again on Friday for another adjustment.