Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Under the lights"

Both boys played in a night soccer tournament Saturday. Aidan's 1st game was at 4:30 and Tristan's was at 6:15 p.m. As usual we had a storm come though around 7:00 and had to leave the fields until it had passed. (That was a great time to grab a bite to eat!) The best reward from dealing with a rainstorm is the beautiful rainbows we have after.
Tristan's team was playing the championship game at 10:30 p.m. when this happens:

Crazy huh? I'm so glad that I had walked down to Aidan's field 2 minutes before they came on! Josh and Tristan were soaked and cold!

After the storm and sprinkler delays Tristan's team did win the tournament! They finished up around 11:15 p.m. Aidan's team won their division also but I don't have any pictures yet. (I didn't take any and have to rely on my friends to share, yep - I'm slacking.) We made it home at 1 a.m. Sunday morning. If I ever wondered if I was a night person this tournament definitely confirmed that I'm not! I can handle early mornings much easier. Still fun though, glad that we did it - water and all.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Opal's scar

This is from the day she came home. Now, it's bruised and a little puffy from doing too much I'm sure.

All is fine for the most part. She follows me around which is why she's overdoing it and while she can go up the stairs slowly, she can't come down! We're all carrying her like she's the Queen of Sheba, ha!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pesky Pinecones

The boys were right. It was the pinecones! She had eaten them Thursday and it ended up blocking the passage from her stomach to her small intestine. They were able to remove it all during the surgery and her intestines were fine. If I would have waited another day then she might have had permanet damage. So, we got the best outcome possible!

She had to stay the night last night but I was able to get her this morning. It took 2 hours but I got her to eat a carrot and a little of her food. Yea!!!! She's completely sore and tired from the pain meds I think. I'm sooooo happy to have her home! I don't think I've ever been that scared before.

The rest of the family had to go to a basketball tournament in Denver while I stay behind and nurse my little girl.

Let this be a lesson to all - eating pinecones can cause a $1000 emergency surgery!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Definitely Surgery

The dye isn't leaving her stomach so they need to go in and take a look. Oh my goodness, I'm terrified they are going to find something that they can't fix. I'll get a call after the surgery and update you.

Prayers Needed!

Wow, today is not going as I had imagined. All week I had planned to take the morning off to watch the USA World Cup game this morning with the boys.

I never thought I'd be rushing Opal to the vet with an obviously serious problem. She's possibly got an intestinal blockage of some kind. Last night when we got home I knew something was wrong because she was following me around and you could tell she didn't feel well. She also kept stretching by putting her chest on the ground and her rear in the air. So, it's a bad stomach ache I think - she's had these before and she should be better in the morning.

After not sleeping much at all, I get up and find her pretty much the same as the night before but she seems to not be so uncomfortable. She takes a little water from me but other than that, nothing. We get in first thing and I've never had a vet take a dog from me so quickly. She was only in our room for maybe 2 minutes before they wisk her away for x-rays. After 15 minutes the doc comes back without Opal and says we have good and bad news. She's screaming symptoms of having a blockage but nothing really showed on the x-ray. They wanted to keep her for today and use barium (dye) along with x-rays every little bit to see if the dye flows through and maybe she has something irritating in her bowels or if the dye stops on a blockage. If that happens then we are looking at surgery.

I'm a mess as anyone would probably guess. It's been 2 1/2 hours so far with no news but she said to not be surprised if it took a while to hear from them. I'm really happy that we listened to our gut instinct and took her in right away. She's in good hands and is getting something for the pain so hopefully she is able to rest a bit.

Please pray for my little girl! I'll update as soon as I can.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Cool site to share!

Click here to see two awesome pictures of Tristan (red shirt, purple shoes) from this weekend's tournament! I love the one where the boy is pulling his shirt!

World Cup

As you can probably guess, the World Cup is huge at our house. We've managed to watch every match so far and are loving it!!!

I even caught Tristan up at 6:45 this morning watching the game between the Netherlands and Denmark. Too funny.

USA tied England in their first game which is basically a win for us since everyone thought England would cream us. They play again Friday morning if anyone can catch it!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sorry for the delay!

I'm ecstatic to share with you all that Tristan and Aidan both made the top teams in their age group for competitive soccer!!!!! They will now have the same coach and this coming season will be the first time ever that I should be able to see every game for both boys. (Their coach will work out the schedule that way.) I was also asked to manage both teams which I accepted although I'm not sure how I'm going to do it all but I'll figure it out.
Here's a picture of Tristan and some of his teammates during his registration meeting:
We had tickets for the Rapid's game this Saturday and here's a picture of Tristan and his friend Jaylen. (Had to have Dippin' Dots.)

Here's a picture of Aidan and a group of the boys who also made the Predator team.

I volunteered 20 hours for the soccer club last week. Between checking in the players at tryouts and having two different registration meetings I was beyond exhaustion. Had a pretty quiet weekend though and I was able to get in a nap each day so I'm feeling better.

The boys are participating in a basketball camp this week from 9-1 daily. I can't wait to hear what they thought about it (I'm crossing my fingers for a good report).

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tryouts start today!

The boys have soccer tryouts tonight and for the next two days. Keep them both in your prayers that they do well and are happy with the placement they get. We might hear tonight, if not definitely by tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.