Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cell phones

We have now learned that Pax and cell phones do not mix!  A couple of weeks ago he tossed (and I mean tossed - it flew up in the air and landed with a thud) Tristan's cell phone into his bath that I was running.  Bye bye to that phone!

Last week I was dropping him off at the sitter's and while we were chatting he grabbed her i-phone from the couch and was chatting into it.  (Alot like this video)  Next thing we know, he's placed her phone into the dog's water dish.  Unbelievable!!!  But we did get a chance to try out that rice theory and so far it's worked for her.  Whew!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Selling the old to get new

So I've started using Craigslist to sell our baby things.  So far so good: I've gotten rid of the swing, bouncer, activity gym, co-sleeper, nursing wrap, bathtub, baby gate, jumperoo, bumbo, both infant carriers, and a stroller.  It's taken some effort on my part but I've gotten at least 30% back of what I originally paid. 

Better than my garage sale attempt earlier this month - I had 3 hours before getting to soccer to see what I could do.  Not a single person came by!  It was so frustrating. 

Now if only my infant car seat would sell.  I've had it on there for months but I want too much for those die hard deal finders that shop that site!

Friday, June 15, 2012


I haven't posted about Pax in a while so here's a little update:

He follows his big brothers around everywhere they go!  He's a friendly little guy, hugs almost every kid he sees.  (We have to be really careful when we are out shopping!)  He loves to be the center of attention and to make you laugh!! 

He watches two shows on tv - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bubble Guppies.   He talks a bit now but still a lot of baby babble.  He has six teeth and finally likes juice!

He's starting to spend some time at the pool -
He is such a trooper, hangs in there with Tristan and Aidan's busy schedules.  We just spent last weekend in Denver for a soccer tournament.  90 degree weather and long hours on a soccer field.  Here's a cute picture of him being just like the big boys -

Thursday, June 14, 2012


The High Park Fire is burning about two hours from us.  This morning I could see and smell the smoke in the air.  It actually choked me a bit on my walk into the hospital.  You know it's bad when you walk into the office and people tell you that you smell like a fire!  Unfortunately, it must have permeated my clothes and hair and by 11:00 I had a major headache.  We're praying that they'll get this under control soon.