Sunday, March 25, 2012

Time to relax

Oh man have we been sick again! Paxton got another virus that had him sick for two weeks with a double ear infection. About 4 days into his I came down with it. I finally got into the doctor Thursday and got my antibiotics because it had been 10 days and I just couldn't kick it. Then Josh got it a couple of days after me! Let me tell ya, this was no ordinary cold either - it sucked!

We are definitely looking forward to feeling better and relaxing a bit like this picture above. Can't wait to get back to those days again!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A little Spring Break fun!

I've got two fiery red heads now!

Yep, it's permanent too! They are having a lot of fun with it which is great because I was really scared about doing this color! Aidan's turned more of a Sharon Osbourne red and Tristan's is a copper.

Recap of Tristan's trip to VA

Tristan's soccer team took another trip for a tournament in Richmond, VA. It was the Jefferson Cup, rated the second best soccer tournament in the US. All of the boys were excited to see how they would compete against north-eastern soccer teams. (not to mention that they got to miss 2 days of school)

The boys at the airport before departing. Tristan's the second from the right on the bottom.

One of the mom's took this picture of Tristan playing for me. The boys did well in their scheduled games beating NY 4-1, NC 6-1, and PA 3-0.

They even got to go and see a 3D movie! I love this picture!

Sadly, they lost the championship game 1-5 to a team from NC but I'm so proud of their overall weekend. Plus, this medal doesn't look like a second place medal to me! Tristan had a great time but was happy to come home which always makes me smile!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

New pictures!

So I finally got the boys in for pictures together again. It's only been a year! Unfortunately we didn't have a very good photographer (one that could capture Pax's attention) and Pax was not cooperative! But from the 45 minutes that I jumped my booty off while making crazy faces and sounds we did capture a couple of shots!

This pose below was Tristan's idea and I think it's super cute!

Every photo alone he stuck his tongue out!!

Can you say "squished?" Ha!! Love it though.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bath fun!

Just a couple of cute pics from last night's bath!

How about those eyebrows? Ha, I love the different facial expressions he has.

My favorite photo yet! He looks so grown up doing this!