Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm going for the first time today to see a chiropractor. My lower back has been bothering me for some time, especially after sleeping or sitting on the couch for a bit. I'm anxious to see what kind of shape I'm in and if there is anything that might explain my migraines but I'm also a little nervous. I'll update you all tomorrow and no old jokes!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Does this make you laugh or is it just me?

A quick explanation: Aidan had two fillings done before we went to dinner. At the restaurant we were laughing and I looked over at Aidan who was laughing but only one side of his face could move. That made me laugh so hard that I was crying and then the look of sheer horror on our waitress' face when she looked at Aidan sent me over the edge. This video was taken about an hour later once we got home so it's not really the same but his face was still funny! (Or I'm silly and it was just the wine, ha!)

Monday, September 21, 2009

1st snow

Come on now!!! Can't we get through September and enjoy Fall? Guess not. Here's to hoping that at least it doesn't start to stick later tonight.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Division Champs!

Nope, not the boys this time! It's my DAD!!!! (He's in the brown.)

Who says that fishing doesn't pay??? This is so cool, we are all very proud.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Wow, he passed away yesterday. Like most of you I was introduced to Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing. Who didn't want to be Baby?

My mom happened to love him and I think I've seen most of his movies, multiple times.

My favorite one is The Outsiders. I will admit that I didn't actually watch it because of him necessarily - there are so many cuties in there. I loved Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe!

I watched his first season of The Beast this year. I liked the show but it was hard to see him like that. You could tell in each episode that he was losing more weight and looking older. (Tristan thought that he looked like his soccer coach from last year which might have been a back handed compliment.) Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that he's gone but at least he's not suffering. I'll still watch his movies, besides the ones I mentioned above I also like Roadhouse, Ghost, and Point Break.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The ungiven

Aidan told me last week that he wanted to give a girl that he likes some jewelry. (I'm not shocked or against it at all because I remember that in 4th and 5th grades I had boyfriends and was given gifts. I'm just not in a hurry to get to all of this stuff, ya know?)

The boys don't really talk about girls much yet but I did know that Aidan liked someone last year named Christina. After asking a few questions it turns out to be that very same girl. Very impressive that at the age of 9 he has liked someone for that long. We talked about stuffed animals, flowers, or candy as a first gift and that jewelry normally comes once you are definitely girlfriend/boyfriend. He was dead set on jewelry so we made a trip to the store last Friday.

Oh my, the taste that he has in jewelry! He was picking out the most gawdy, ugly, plastic pieces I've ever seen. I finally got him to focus on the little pink boxes for little girls and he picked some earrings. He even paid for them himself!

Yesterday he was going to give them to her at lunch. I was so curious to find out what happened but you know our daily rush got to me after school - I completely forgot to ask.

Then Aidan says, "I couldn't give Christina the earrings today."

I asked, "Why?"

He says, "Can you believe she changed schools?"

"What?" I asked with a completely confused look on my face.

"She changed schools and isn't going there anymore. I asked her friends." Aidan says.

And he's a-okay with it. It didn't break his heart but I do think he would have really liked to have given them to her. Crazy stuff huh? But what a joke this can turn into! I have a feeling in a few years we are going to get quite a few laughs from this! (If it's ok with him of course.)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Labor Day

Went up in the mountains to beautiful Estes Park!

It's also the home of the famous Stanley Hotel. (The hotel that drove Jack Nicholson crazy in the Shining!)
Here's a distant picture of the lodge we rented a condo in.

The view from our deck was breathtaking! (Not so much to tear Josh's attention from the computer though, ha!)

Aidan taking a break in one of the bedrooms.

Even went on a hike!

I only fell once and never saw any of the animals they warned us of! We had a great time, hope that you all had a wonderful Labor Day also.

Friday, September 4, 2009


This is what I've been doing at work all week, click here to see. You can watch your choice of 5 different matches at any time!!! Fantastic!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! We are getting away for a short family excursion. Check back next week for the recap!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smoky Mountains

Can you see it? Normally the view is really clear but we have some of the smoke from the CA fire in our air. Scary stuff about the fire, I hope they can get it under control soon. If it's like this here, I can't imagine what it's like there.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The scoop

Went to the doctor a few weeks ago for my physical. Haven't had one in quite some time, long overdue! My cholesterol was the best that it's ever been in my life!!! Everything was normal and I got to discuss my headaches with her. Guess what? I don't have headaches - I have MIGRAINES! She gave me some sample prescriptions to try and so far the two that I've tried WORKED!! Headache gone in 45 minutes. I can't explain to you how awesome this is. I normally will suffer through 24-36 hours of a headache, taking unheard of amounts of advil/tylenol with no improvements. For a while there I thought I might have a brain tumor but nope - migraines. Plus, the validation that I got from her meant the world. She has them also and could completely relate. (Unlike my hubby who luckily has probably never had a headache in his life and started referring to me as the drug addict.)

Fell down the two little steps into the garage on Sunday and my leg still hurts. No bruise thank God but my leg is sore as if I worked out for 6 hours. I didn't (of course) so that's not it. Probably just the way I tensed up when I slipped. I tend to fall down stairs all the time so this isn't anything new. Thought it might be due to the brain tumor but obviously not.

Soccer is draining me. Not because of the hectic schedule, it's Aidan's team. I'm not sure why but his games have really gotten to me. Josh said that you would think that I was the one out there playing. I'm upset when they lose, more so than the boys are. I think it's because we have new players and I really thought things would come easier to us this season. It's not happening though, we are struggling just like last season. They are playing in the highest division of their age group so our schedule is tough, really tough. I've got to get myself under control though or the poor guy will end up quitting like he told me he wanted to on Sunday. Yep, we had a lovely few hours of being really upset with each other. (And Aidan is one of those kids who gets mad at his parents and he doesn't hold back any of his feelings!)

That's the scoop so far!