Friday, December 24, 2010

34 week appt

This picture isn't me but it's so relative to this post I had to use it!

Here are the stats from our latest doctor's appt:

Weight gain - up to 18 lbs now!
Blood pressure - great
Heart rate - 140's
Fundal measurement - now it's 38-39 cm. So much for things slowing down since the last measurement. When my mouth dropped open he felt around and said it's not extra fluid, just a big ol' boy!

We have an ultrasound on the 4th to check sizing and then see the doc right after to discuss the findings and what our plans will be.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Catching up!

Oh my goodness, this week has just gotten away from me! Last week of school before Christmas break, expecting our first big winter storm that didn't come when we thought, work, Christmas prep, all on top of being 8 1/2 months pregnant! Craziness.

Our storm that we expected to wake up to Thursday morning ended up coming in around noon on Friday. The boys had a half day on Friday so I just decided to take the day off and work on Saturday. This was a blessing because I had a few hours at home alone to wrap gifts, work on our never ending laundry piles, pay bills and handle email situations. Thought I would get this post done also but I'm doing it now from work on a Saturday, see?

My maternity photo shoot went really well Tuesday! Well, until the very end of it I guess. The "fainting bug" almost got me again! After about an hour and twenty minutes of being on my feet and taking directions for poses I had to ask for a break because I was about to faint. I felt it coming for a good 5 minutes or so but could not get the words out. It's weird because I can hear myself telling myself to sit down but I don't know if I'm embarrassed or if really I can't say it. Anyway, the photographer was great and Josh was even greater. He got me seated and ran off to a gas station to grab some water and a candy bar. A few minutes later I was fine although I was a little nauseous and after looking at what we had taken on her camera we decided we were basically done anyway. Then the reality that I'm sitting on a stool naked with a gold wrap around my waist hits me!!!! It makes me laugh even now.

Josh thinks the pictures will be beautiful and from what I saw on her camera I agree. He's now talking about putting one or two on the wall, it's not what I had in mind I promise! We get to choose the ones we want on the 6th of Jan. I think I'll go back to have his first pictures taken there even though it's really expensive. Her newborn shots are awesome! Oh, and our poses were Josh and I together, my bare belly with our hands on the sides, us with a bare belly and the ultrasound picture held in front of my belly, me wrapped in the gold material and it flowing out behind me, then I'm wrapped in a gold material around my waist and my arms are covering up top. I'll share them once I can!

These aren't the best quality pictures but when I saw myself I laughed. Is that a basketball under my sweatshirt?

Nope, all baby!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

32 week appointment

Heartrate - 140's
Blood pressure - 112/60 a little higher but still normal!
Weight - up to 15 lbs now.
Fundus Height - He said I was measuring at 36!!!! No joke, I'm 32 weeks measuring 36. My doctor's exact words, "you've exploded!" Not something an 8 month pregnant woman wants to hear.

I'm not stressing anymore about it though. I have another appt in two weeks and I hope to not see that much of a difference in the measurement, maybe it'll even out? We have an ultrasound scheduled after New Year's to check the baby's size and I guess I'll find out then what he suggests to do if anything at all.

It has really given me some incentive to get things ready for the baby around the house though. I'm washing everything, starting to get things out of boxes and put up. I may not really have 50 days left before he's here!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maternity Photo Session

Alright guys! I'm having maternity photos taken next Tuesday and I'm looking for ideas for some different and beautiful poses. The lady who will be taking the pictures has a website and you can look at some of her pictures under the portfolio/maternity section here. Would love your input!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another baby shower and a big surprise!

My dear friend Lisa, shown here in the green, threw another baby shower for me this past weekend. I had sooooo much fun! She made a wonderful brunch, had some really fun games, and every one's generosity in the gift area was simply amazing. I'm blessed to have such great friends.
Yes, we played the game with the melted candy bar in the baby diaper! There were 5 different ones to guess which kind of candy bar it was! Here's Rebecca taking a whiff!

We are writing down our guesses for the diaper game!

Almost time to open the gifts! See my belly?

A cute little outfit with a soccer ball of course!

My friend Wendi made this basket for us and it was beautiful! It included a hand-made hooded towel and blanket also. Her thoughtfulness was overwhelming.

And while I was having a blast with my girlfriends, Josh was out getting our family a new car! He got us a 2010 Saturn Outlook!

Just a quick look inside. It seats 7 which will allow me to continue my carpools after the baby arrives.

What a surprise huh? He is simply the best!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The last time that I'll see him before he's born!

We got to see a myriad of facial expressions from this little guy! Even a smile!
Unfortunately his cord was around his face alot but this picture was cute because it looks like he's hugging it. It's a little scary though, I'll be mentioning this to my doctor in a few days.
Another sweet face!

And a little bit of a pout! He's definitely gained weight huh?

I can not wait to meet him in person!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Last post from Thanksgiving weekend

David and LaVon's anniversary is the day after Thanksgiving so we celebrated by taking them to a favorite place of ours, The Melting Pot. We had a blast and these are just a few pictures from that special night.

The fourth and final course, chocolate!!!

The Love Martini! How appropriate huh?