Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I'm so glad that we had these pictures from two weeks ago at our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  (Paxton woke up Easter morning a very sick little boy.)

We got to meet the Easter Bunny!  Tristan is in the red hoodie, he's almost as tall as me!

Pax's first egg hunt and he had lots of help.

I have no idea what was so funny but we did have a good time.

I'm not too proud to post this picture of myself and Pax.  We really enjoyed their treats!

Happy Easter everyone!  We love you all.  (Pax is struggling with another cold, yay for daycare - NOT!)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Early Preschool

My little boy has started early preschool!  He is only attending mornings for three days a week but it's a start.

The school gave us a "Discovery Day" to try it out for free.  We were so surprised to see this sign on the door waiting for us that morning.  We are three weeks into it and he's slowly making progress.  The first week he cried or sat in a corner without participating (that broke my heart).  The second week he started eating a little of the snack and lunch they serve and allowed the teachers to hold him.  This past week he seemed to participate a little more and blew his teacher a kiss goodbye (probably because he was happy to get out of there but hey, I'll take it). 

Hope to be able to share some happier pictures or some artwork soon!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aidan's first, my second

Aidan had his four hour growth hormone testing done last week.  He was a trooper even though we got a 40 minute late start due to the unexpected snow that morning that created huge traffic problems in Denver.  

He couldn't eat or drink anything other than water (which Aidan does not drink) so his veins weren't great but his nurse was awesome and got him on the first poke.  Two movies later and we were ready to get out of that little cubby hole of a room.  

Expecting to hear the results any day now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Tristan's team went to Washington DC for a soccer tournament last weekend.  Josh bought him a camera to take pictures for us.  Unfortunately, half of the pictures were blurry and there was only one picture of someone that we knew, ugh!  Here are a few that I salvaged:
Tristan and Joel at the Washington Monument. 

The White House

The Capital Building

The Lincoln Memorial (this is as close as they got because they were all tired of walking by this point)
Their team did really great - they won all 3 games to advance to the playoffs.  Tristan scored the first two goals for his team, wooohooo!  They lost in the semi-final 4-2 to a team from Maryland.  Not the ending we were hoping for but it was still a great experience for him.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tristan's 2 mo. update

So two months into the growth hormone treatments and he's gained 6 pounds and has grown 1 inch!  It's very exciting to see results so soon.

Aidan is going tomorrow for his 4 hour test to see if he is also deficient.  If he is - we will be the third family in our endocrinologist's practice with more than one child that is growth hormone deficient.  It's extremely unusual!