Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aidan's in Oregon

My child is in Oregon for USA's Regional Soccer Camp and I feel like I'm dying!  He only calls once a day and I'm missing him and everything that is going on.  This is such a weird experience for me!

Aidan is at a week long "invitation only" camp.  There are 15 boys from Colorado there with about 200 total from twelve different states.  What an experience huh?  He's in the dorms at Linfield College in Oregon and his roommate is from Alaska!  They have daily practices, meetings, presentations and then every night there is an invitational game.  Aidan was invited to that game last night and from what I hear from another mom - he made it again tonight!!!  Wish the boy would call or text me so that I knew for sure.  See why I'm dying???

Aidan's goal is to make the Region IV soccer team for the USA and it seems like he is giving it his best shot!  I can not tell you guys how proud I am!  

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