Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer soccer

This past weekend we escaped to Boulder for the boy's soccer tournament and it was nice to get far away from the Black Forest fire.

Tristan's team is losing a couple of players as they venture out to different programs and high schools.  What a way to end it all - they won the tournament and they played a year older. 

Left to Right - Tristan, Sammy, Joel, Eric, and Jaylen.  Sammy is a member of the USA National Team and has already played soccer in Spain and Croatia.  Eric is moving on to the Colorado Rapids Academy program.  These two boys will be missed!

Our three musketeers!

Aidan's team made it to the semi-final but did not win. But he did win a 3v3 soccer tournament two weeks earlier!  We did a little switcheroo - the boys wore pink and the girl wore blue!

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Love the pics!